KABI: President Dr. Keyvan Dehnad
Kampfkunst Academy Budo International 

Greetings to all visitors and sport friends around the world.   
My name is Keyvan Dehnad and I live in Zurich.   
I was born in Iran and I have been living in Switzerland, USA, Japan and many other countries.  
I am a general sports specialist but my major expertise is martial arts. First Iranian International Judo Referee in the world 1992 Seoul Korea (WORLD MILITERY CHAMPIONSHIP) 9th Dan Bujitsu.9th Dan jujitsu,8th Dan Judo,6th Dan Karate, International A.Judo Referee.and highest rank as Iranian in Judo 8.Dan .   
I have completed my academic study (Ph.D) in Physical Education. My major was Human Behavior, and also have master degree in Human Behavior  and Education.    
Now, I am pursuing my second Ph.D. 
Ich begrüsse alle Sportsfreunde und Besucher meiner Homepage auf der ganz

Dr Keyvan Dehnad

my websites:

1- http://judo.8m.com
2- www.budointernational.org
3- http://www.Yongmudo.ir